About Refuge4Pets

Pets are often the silent victims of domestic violence and abuse, used as part of the pattern of coercion and control, threatened, yelled at, beaten, kicked and in some cases killed…

We provide a pet fostering service across Devon and Cornwall so that victims of domestic violence and abuse can escape to access safety and support before being reunited with their much loved pets.

Often individuals and families escaping violent and abusive relationships are unable to take their much loved pets with them. In many cases this will stop people from leaving. With domestic violence and abuse being one of the most significant public health concerns that we experience in the UK, combined with the fact that over half of all households have pets this is a vital service!

We foster dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, rabbits and small furries such as hamsters for up to six months.  Our pet foster carers are volunteers who are committed to caring for animals and are carefully recruited to make sure they offer the best possible temporary foster homes.

We understand that victims/survivors of domestic violence and abuse often have to leave with nothing which is why all of the pets that we foster receive the vet treatment that they need, food and bedding paid for by us.

How to Access our Service

If you are thinking about leaving a violent and abusive relationship, or, if you have left and have nowhere for your pet(s) to go while you access the safety and support that you need we may be able to help by fostering your pet.  We take referrals from the local domestic and sexual violence and abuse services, refuges, the police, housing, social care, health, community mental health teams and so on. Please speak to your local service about a referral to Refuge4Pets. Or, you can contact us directly.

If you need support because you are experiencing domestic violence and abuse, or, if you are worried about someone else you can contact the national 24hr domestic violence and abuse helpline on 0808 2000 247. In an emergency situation please contact the Police on 999.

Contact us by:

Telephone: 03004000121

Email: info@refuge4pets.org.uk

Refuge4Pets Shop

Dog and cat toys and treats, gifts, branded merchandise and more! All proceeds from our online shop help us, as a small charity to reach out and support more people and their pets who need our help.

Can you help keep a pet safe by offering them a temporary foster home?

Without our pet foster carers we couldn’t provide access to the safety and support that is vital for pets and their owners. In some cases your support could save lives…

If you're an owner of a pet and have questions about our service please check out these frequently asked questions.

If you're thinking of fostering a pet and have questions about our service please check out these frequently asked questions.

If you're a professional and are considering referring someone to our service please check out these frequently asked questions.

If you want to know more about our charity please check out our Mission and Vision statement, along with our policies

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