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The training and resources we provide are based on our domestic abuse practice and academic research expertise spanning 15 years. We offer professionals working with victim-survivors of domestic abuse new and innovative training that is vital in terms of safeguarding all survivors – adults, children and animals.

We deliver training and provide resources to organisations and individuals who may be in contact with victim-survivors of domestic abuse and their animals. This includes domestic and sexual abuse services, police, social care, housing teams, mental health teams, animal welfare organisations and so on.

“The training was fantastic and so great to see. I have never had training like this before so it would be incredible if we could see it being rolled out more widely.”
Refuge4Pets training course attendee

Our training is facilitated by Mary our Founder and Chief Executive Officer with support from the team. We are also a member of The Links Group and often co-deliver training with our Links Group partners.

Mary Wakeham-Founder-Refuge4PetsDr Mary Wakeham, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mary has worked in the field of domestic abuse supporting children and adults for 15 years. In 2017 Mary founded Refuge4Pets driven by her passion to enable freedom from domestic abuse for people and animals. Mary has completed a PhD at the University of Bristol in the Centre for Gender and Violence Research.

Her research is the first UK study to explore the coexistence of animal abuse and domestic abuse and is called “Animal Abuse as a Strategy of Coercive Control”.

Training Course:
Animal Abuse as a Strategy of Coercive Control:
(Co-delivered with our Links Group partners)

This free training course aims to increase awareness about the dynamics of animal abuse as a strategy of coercive control used by perpetrators. The specific learning outcomes are:

  • To increase understanding about how and why perpetrators abuse animals to coerce, control and entrap human victim-survivors of domestic abuse
  • To raise awareness about the implications of animal abuse in the context of domestic abuse for all victim-survivors – adults, children and animals
  • To promote the importance of considering animals in the safety plans of families escaping domestic abuse and provide professionals with practical tools and resources to do this

This training course is designed to build on previous domestic abuse training to develop participants’ knowledge about the complex dynamics of animal abuse in the context of domestic abuse.

Next Date:
Thursday 3rd June 2024
from 13:30pm to 16:00pm
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This training course is  free and is delivered online via Microsoft Teams. We have revamped the sessions for 2024 to make them as interactive as possible using a range of resources to appeal to participants’ varying learning styles. There will also be a 30-minute Q&A at the end of the session.

“I really enjoyed the training. I found it very hard hitting and shocking but I do think that’s important. The delivery was really good and engaging, thank you.”
Refuge4Pets training course attendee

Participants will receive training materials and resources following the session which include a guidance document and officially adapted and approved Duluth Wheels (Power and Control Wheel and Abuse of Animals Wheel).

We can also offer bespoke training for organisations so please contact us on 0300 4000 121, or by emailing to discuss your training requirements.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for accommodating us as a group for the training, it was a really interesting session and a great space to be able to discuss some of the cases we come across.”
Refuge4Pets training course attendee


Refuge4Pets Training Resources

Animal Abuse as a Strategy of Coercive Control, Wakeham, M. (Author). 28 Sep 2021*

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