Our Purpose

Our purpose at Refuge4Pets is to enable freedom from domestic abuse for people and animals. Refuge4Pets was founded in August 2017. We are a registered charity in England and Wales and our Registered Charity Number is 1174331. We are a small, local charity with a very dedicated team of staff, volunteers and trustees.

Our Vision

We offer victim-survivors of domestic abuse an animal fostering service to remove a significant barrier which prevents many victim-survivors from leaving. We empower victim-survivors to access the vital safety and support they need before being reunited with their much-loved animals. We believe that animals are an important part of victim-survivors’ coping strategies and that the reciprocal bond between victim-survivors and animals aids recovery from trauma. We also work to reduce loneliness and isolation and improve the wellbeing of victim-survivors and volunteers in the community

Our Values

Refuge4Pets determination in achieving its objectives are derived from its values of:

  • Empathy We understand what people and animals have been through and how they feel.
  • Equality We believe that everyone is equal and has the right to live free of violence and abuse.
  • Empowerment We empower victims/survivors to regain control of their lives and access vital safety and support.
  • Effectiveness We work efficiently and effectively to achieve our vision.
  • Integrity We are honest and have strong moral principles.

Our Strategy

Refuge4Pets main priorities for 2020/21 are:

  • Priority 1 To reach victims-survivors who need our support to escape domestic abuse.
  • Priority 2 To support victims-survivors of domestic abuse across the communities that we work by bringing people together to form positive support networks.
  • Priority 3 To develop and support volunteers to increase their health and well-being and reach their personal goals.
  • Priority 4 To ensure our financial sustainability so that we can continue to deliver and develop our service.