Pet Foster Carers Contact Form

If you can offer an animal a loving, caring foster home on a temporary basis, we would love to hear from you. Without our animal foster carers, we couldn’t provide access to the safety and support that is vital for humans and animals. In some cases, your support will be saving lives.

Before applying please do think carefully as fostering animals can be very difficult – it is hard to say goodbye! We typically have animals in foster care for six months, sometimes longer. Some of the animals that we foster will have been abused by the perpetrator and they can be traumatised by their experiences and by coming away from their owners. We always do our best to assess animals and gain as much information from their owners as possible before they come into foster care, but we cannot be certain, or predict how an animal will behave in a temporary home. We try to match animals to the right foster family, so it is important to gain as much information from you as possible during the application process.

Complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch as quickly as we can to discuss your application to become an animal foster carer. If you would prefer to call us, please do so on 0300 4000 121. Thank you so much in advance, we look forward to speaking to you.

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  • Please tick all those that apply. PLEASE NOTE: cats must always be kept inside during foster care. This means all windows and doors must remain closed, or you will need a dedicated cat room.
  • (e.g. Will not be let out unsupervised, on lead, fix problem areas etc)
  • Please list all including species, ages and genders.
  • If so, please give details.
  • e.g. Skin issues, ear cleaning, eye drops, daily medication, deafness and so on.
  • Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us given the nature of our work. We strictly forbid any information or pictures of animals being shared. We ask all our pet foster carers to sign a confidentiality agreement as well as a fostering agreement. Can you ensure that information about animals is not shared on social media, or anywhere else.
  • One of the team will be in touch shortly to discuss your application. From there we will carry out a home check and we also ask for two references.

    Thank you for offering to help keep people and their animals safe. We look forward to receiving your application.

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