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Vacancy - Trustee (Secretary)

Refuge4Pets provides a pet fostering service in the South West to victims of domestic violence and abuse so that they can escape to access safety and support before being reunited with their pets. Often individuals and families escaping violent and abusive relationships are unable to take their much loved pets with them. In many cases this will stop people from leaving. With domestic violence and abuse being one of the most significant public health concerns that we experience in the UK, combined with the fact that over half of all households have pets this is a vital service!

We are a small charity who have been providing this service for just over two years now. We are now looking for a Secretary Trustee to join our team. To apply please send an expression of interest to detailing your skills, knowledge and experience. The role of Trustee is unpaid, but there is remuneration available in line with the charity expenses policy.

Please read the job description and role profiles. The Secretary role profile outlines specific duties and skills necessary for the role of Secretary as well as those listed in the Trustee role profile.

Trustee Role Profile

Secretary Role Profile

If you have any questions about the Trustee vacancy please contact info by email on

Volunteer - Fundraiser

We are always looking for volunteers who would like to help with fundraising. If you live in Devon or Cornwall and have spare time to help out at our many community events we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by:

Tel: 07497382457