Statement of Support for the Work of Refuge4Pets

Our values

Empathy, Equality, Empowerment, Compassion, Integrity

Our vision

To enable freedom from domestic violence and abuse for people and their pets
across Cornwall and Devon

Our purpose

We offer survivors of domestic violence and abuse a pet fostering scheme so that
they can escape to access the safety and support that they need before being
reunited with their pets.

Our mission

  1. Enabling freedom from domestic violence and abuse by removing a significant
    barrier which prevents many victims from leaving as well as signposting
    victims to specialist domestic violence and abuse support.
  2. Promoting animal welfare and the safety of pets by providing the best possible
    temporary foster homes.
  3. Supporting victims to recover from trauma through animal companionship and
    the therapeutic benefits animal companions provide.
  4. Providing volunteers with access to training and development opportunities
    that will enhance their confidence, skills, experience and employability.